About Us

About Us

ChatroBarta is the very first blog site that focuses on the students. We are enriched with content that is not just there to grab your attention but deliver the latest updates. We are the message bearer of the truth to the students in general as well as narrate their stories that are not paid heed by the mass. We speak for the rights and against the compromises. It is held together by a dedicated group of journalists who are determined to seek out the truth and reach it to the people in time. It is a voice for the students, by the students, of the student.

Values & Principles

What plays an important role for us to go ahead and be there for the people are the values and principles we uphold. We solely focus on these things to maintain our quality
Honest Journalism It is one of the qualities that are very hard to find in the media these days. We promise to deliver you so.
Priority Students, We believe the students to be the future of the world. And here we are to help them know, grow and develop themselves as citizens of the world by making sure they have the access to the right things.
Interactive, Unlike most news portals we do not just publish one-sided opinions or news favoring some particular people. Rather we show integrity and interaction with the public.

Sources of Our Uniqness

What makes us exceptional in today’s scenario is that we are dedicated to our profession and loyal to our goal in playing the role of fair media. Nowadays we see many journalism ethics being compromised in many ways. That keeps the mass in dark and is misleading to a lot of extents. Where else us being exceptional comes is that we are the news bearer of truth that wants to reach the students first and build them to be the future as expected. No other has ever tried to reach the students to enrich them rather have ignored them and their rights.
Along with that we are not influenced or biased towards an influential power. Rather our goal is the betterment and development of our people and the country in general. We do not hold any prejudice against minorities and equally respect women and children. Our reach has been spread across the country to be the bearer of truth.